Mythical Dreamers Makeup Brush Set - 20 Professional Vegan Brushes

IN STOCK NOW! 12 MONTHS IN THE MAKING. At Jolie Beauty, we have always wondered why professional quality brushes tend to be - well, quite drab! It's time to release your inner unicorn with this colourful set. We have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to create a superior brush set that combines fun styles with serious performance. A brush set made by professionals, for professionals. Or just makeup lovers who want to slay their makeup game. We are proud to introduce you to our mythical dreamers brush set. These stunning ombre, pastel makeup brushes are premium quality makeup brushes made from the finest synthetic hair.  The quality of these super cute vegan makeup brushes will seriously last you a lifetime. Our 20 piece vegan-friendly makeup brush set has been created to satisfy all your brush needs! 


01 - Large Dense Blending Brush

02 - Angled Blending Brush

03 - Large Fluffy Blending Brush

04 - Medium Fluffy Blending Brush

05 - Dense Colour Packing Brush

06 - Large Flat Detail Brush

07 - Small Fluffy Blending Brush

08 - Small Flat Detail Brush

09 - Pencil Brush

10 - Angled Liner Brush




01 - Large Powder Brush

02 - Buffing Brush

03 - Flat Contour Brush

04 - Angled Contour Brush

05 - Angled Blush Brush

06 - Fluffy Powder Brush

07 - Dense Powder Brush

08 - Small Powder Detailing Brush

09 - Flat Foundation Brush

10 - Fan Brush 

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