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When you know that you’re going on a trip at some point in the near future, it is almost certain that you will want to take some makeup with you. However, although this might be the case, there is also the chance that you might be a little bit worried about how you’re going to keep your clear beauty blender and unicorn makeup brushes safe while your journey is underway. The good news is that this blog will take you through what you need to know in order to do just that – meaning that you will no longer need to be concerned before taking a trip.

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Keep everything together

When you are going away, nothing is worse than having to hunt through your case because you have simply thrown each individual item of makeup in there that you might want to wear while you’re there. For this reason, it can be great to buy yourself a beauty bag, as this means that you would be able to keep everything together in one place. That way, whenever you are looking for something, you will know just where it is, and be able to put your hands to it straight away.

Try to take minimal products

For each day that you know you’re going to be away for, it is a good idea to make a plan of exactly what kind of makeup you’re going to wear. This means that you will know which products you need, so you won’t take anything that isn’t going to be used at all. You should find that this cuts down on the amount of luggage that is taken up by makeup, and there is also less risk of loss or spillages if you are taking fewer items with you.

Save the ends of bottles for the occasion

When you are coming to the end of a makeup product, it is a good idea to save a small amount – as this means that you would be able to take it away with you, and then throw the empty container away before you come home again. This means that you wouldn’t have to worry about having so much to carry on your way home, which is great news if you plan to buy things while you’re there.

Make sure lids are secure

It is awful when you reach your destination, only to find that something has leaked all over your luggage on the journey. For this reason, no matter what you are choosing to take with you on holiday, you should make sure that your lids are secure, as this means that you know that you aren’t going to open your case to find any nasty accidents.


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So long as you take the time to make sure your makeup is stored safely and securely, you should find that it all makes it to your destination in one piece. This means that you can enjoy all of the looks that you had planned, and ultimately have a great trip to remember.

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