LASHLOCK Clear Eyelash Glue

Our clear eyelash glue will keep false eyelashes in place all day and night long. Our vegan and cruelty-free formula will make applying your eyelashes so easy. It is clear, meaning no pesky white marks whilst drying! LASHLOCK is the  newest and best lash glue yet. This new adhesive has the latest manufacturing processing techniques and formulation. Lash Lock allows for easy application due to its smooth consistency and its fast bonding time. It also has a small brush for extremely neat application.

Cruelty-Free , Latex Free, Vegan.

Net Weight: 5g


Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Water

Customer Reviews

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Really invisible

The Lash Lock glue was my first liquid lash adhesive as I was/m used to creamy lash glues.
It is really easy to apply because the applicator is thin and the formula feels very gentle. The lack of smell and colour/finish is a pro I appreciate during the application.
It's perfect for any light makeup but I feel it can create some build-ups with powder eyeshadows.
My inner corners tended to pop easier compared to regular glue, this is why I gave 4 stars.
With a little retouch, it would be magic for me.

Eye lash glue

this is amazing! And I had allergy to my other one and this is perfect without many ingredients

Best glue I have used

Used this for my lash lift and I am very happy as it holds the lashes in place and is also easy to remove. Will be repurchasing.


Ok so let's start with the fact that before I had no experience with lashes and glues besides really bad Primark products, so this was a whole new world for me and took some time before I learnt how to apply it, but when I finally did, girl, it's not moving anywhere, the lashes lasted entire day on my eyes (I didn't go out though, so no idea how it stays in different environment). I'm really happy I bought it, works amazing. It's easy to apply, has a good grip, but it's easy to remove when you decide to do so. Stunning!

Lash lock glue

Good quality and keeps lashes on for a few hours, starts to lift after a while but 3asily reapplied, over all really good product

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