We are always on the lookout for new makeup talent! If you are a creator that has an active blog or social media channel -we'd love to connect with you.

The email is below but before sending it, read through these points. We get 100s of PR requests per day and it'll help your application stand out.



- It sounds simple BUT please include your social media links in the email.  Plus any other assets such as blogs/forum activity.

- Please pick your favourite product from the website and tell us how you would use and promote it to your audience.

- If you have professional statistics from Youtube/Instagram/Tiktok, please screenshot these and add them to your email - we don't really look at numbers of followers, but want to ensure our ambassadors are regularly posting and their audience is engaged. 

- If you are a Tiktok Shop Seller (UK only), ensure to include your monthly selling revenue totals.

Thanks so much for following the guidelines and we can't wait to receive your application.