Tutorials Page

Hello you beautiful people! Welcome to our tutorials page. This is a place where you learn the best techniques and styles you can create using our products. We also want to see the great looks you have created and give you an opportunity to share them with all our customers. If you have created a video and you would like us to feature it on this page please Contact Us and we will be happy to review it.

It has been such an honor to get a review from the world famous and much loved Tati. We all know that Tati only does unsponsored honest reviews! Which is why you need to check out the video she did on the Bomb Dot Com.

 Below is a review of our Luxe Glitz Glitter Palette from the wonderful Raben Taylor. She also shows you how to create a beautiful look throwing in some great tips on how to apply that amazing glitter.



Here we have a review from the wonderful Xia Kiethea! She Shows of our beautiful Luxe Glitz Glitter Palette.


 Now check this beautiful look out created by the fabulous Brisza Herrera using our Luxe Glitz Glitter Palette.