July 18, 2018 2 min read

Mink eyelash extensions and eyebrows are sold every day as a cruelty free eyelashes giving you a realistic longer looking eyelash or brow. 

Its been well documented that the fur is ethically harvested by grooming the free-range live animals. Wouldnt it be lovely if there was a mink salon where the minks are all enjoying a nice cold drink while being groomed with love. This is just as absurd as the actual lie we have been spun by the manufacturers. The hard truth is that the minks are kept in horrible conditions and harvested (dead or alive) for their fur. 

Minks are semi-aquatic wild animals, they enjoy their own company and can be quite aggressive. Generally, they travel for miles every day, so to be kept in a rusty dirty, cramped cage on a farm goes against all their natural instincts. Its a horrible and cruel daily existence for each mink.

There is nothing about mink eyelashes that aren't cruelty-free. Its very difficult to find out information regards the origin of the farms, what happens to the minks after they have been brushed and many photos of their free-range life. Alarm bells are ringing and unfortunately not enough people know the true facts about the tortuous life of the poor mink.

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