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Vampyrism Palette

The Vampyre is the most mysterious & elusive of creatures. Seducing their victims into their deadly embrace. With our Vampyrism palette, it is time to unleash your inner predator.  It's time to slay....or perhaps not.

Our Vampyrism palette is our darkest offering yet. Of course, it has the traditional reds, blood reds and dark magentas that you might expect. But this deadly palette is also inspired by the moss covered fortress that the Vampyres use as their lair. A mixture of cool browns, mossy greens and burnt oranges 

Let’s not forget the INFAMOUS, Jolie Beauty COLOUR changing shades. The shades Vampyrism and Venom are stunning multichromes that change colour in different lights. Adding a mythical dimension to your look.

SHADES: Undead, Craving, Transition, Abomination, Le Stat, Femme Fatale, Michael, Pallor, Fangs, Hypnotic, Soulless, Dusk, Vampyrism, Venom, Bitten, Dawn, Immortality, Life Force, Seduction, Coffin, Slayed, Bloodlust, Sanguis, Afterlife, Predator, Pulse, Cursed, Shadows.

Net Weight: 56g

Vegan & Cruelty-Free.


MICA, TALC, KAOLIN, MAGNESIUM STEARATE, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, IDOPROPYNYL BUTYLCARBAMATE, PHENYL TRIMETICONE, SILICON, CYCLOHEXASILICONE, POLYDIMETHYLSILOXANE. MAY CONTAIN (+/-) CI 11710, CI 11920, CI 12085, CI 12490, CI 12015, CI 14720, CI 14815, CI 15525, CI 15580, CI 15985, CI 16035, CI 16290, CI 17200, CI 18050, CI 18965, CI 19140, CI 28440, CI 42051, CI 42053, CI 42090, CI 45350, CI 45410, CI 58000, CI 59040, CI 60730, CI 73015, CI 73360, CI 74160, CI 75100, CI 75125, CI 75810, CI 77000.

Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
P.S. (Ellesmere Port, GB)

Beautiful colours, so rich and pigmented. A little really does go a long way. Fast and courteous service, too. Definitely recommended

K.M. (Hersham, GB)
Another great palette

Ordered the Sorceress palette a while ago and loved it, this one is also really nice and good value for money

C.B. (Aylmer, CA)

The colour story is BEAUTIFUL! LOVING the greens and browns mixed with the stunning reds and picks..The duo chrome eyeshadow, is breathtaking! The formula of the shadows, blend like a dream, and such high quality. You cannot go wrong, buying a Jolie beauty Eyeshadow Palette. I NOW bought 2 Eyeshadow Palettes from Jolie Beauty, and looking forward to see what she will come, out with next!

J.J. (Lublin, PL)
Vampire Beauty

Palette is gorgeous! Colours are easy to blend and soft. In my opinion shadows are more warm tone, than cold, but that's ok. Perfect for every gothic girl ;)

L. (Stockholm, SE)

I love everything about this palette. Gorgeous shades, great quality.