Vegan Products

Jolie Beauty is a proudly cruelty-free brand. We do not work with any labs or manufacturers who test on animals. We do not pay anyone to do animal testing on our behalf, and we do not sell into any country where animal testing is obligatory.
For those vegans amongst us. We are striving to make our brand completely vegan-friendly. In the meantime, we have configured a list of our products that are completely free of animal products/byproducts.

All Makeup Brush Sets

All of our makeup brush sets are created with synthetic hair. Any glues used in production are also free from animal byproducts. We believe synthetic hair works just as well as animal hair (and even better for liquids!) and the performance with powder products is well worth the sacrifice (there really isn't any?) to look after our furry friends.

Bomb Dot Com Palette


Divinity Palette

Magnesium Stearate (Plant Based)
Palmitate (Plant Based)


You're On Fleek Palette


Slayin Lashes