Til Death Palette


"Amidst flickering candlelight, they vowed eternal devotion, sealing their bond within a ring adorned with whispered promises. When mortality's embrace parted their earthly existence, their spirits lingered. In the afterlife's embrace, their union persisted—an eternal testament to love's endurance."

Til Death - a collection you will be obsessed with for Eternity☠️🌹
Embracing the unconventional, this palette intertwines the darkness of soft gothic allure with elegant but statement neutral tones, tailored for those seeking to rewrite the wedding day narrative.

Inspired by the enigmatic mantra of "Til Death," each shade in this palette embodies a tale of passion, mystery, and timeless sophistication. The collection boasts an array of versatile hues reminiscent of aged lace, moonlit soirées, and whispered vows exchanged in shadowed halls.

"Til Death" invites both brides and non brides to craft their narratives, blending tradition with a rebellious spirit. It celebrates the union of two souls in an unbreakable bond, embracing the beauty of contrasts—light and dark, tradition and rebellion—capturing the essence of a love that defies convention.








Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
C.F. (Basingstoke, GB)
All that I hoped for!

Just a wonderful palette of Gothy Goodness. Earthy, macabre and with a hint of decay..what's not to love!

V.G. (South Benfleet, GB)

Love this palette. Normally prefer brighter colours but love the shimmers and glitters. Really versatile

S. (Ipswich, GB)
Stunning shimmers

The different formulas are all fabulous and easy to apply for longevity on the eyes. The shimmers have some very special effects. The best grunge/ gothic neutral palette around ✨️