November 26, 2018 2 min read

Pressed glitter can be tricky to apply. That is why we created this quick tutorial on to show you some quick tips on how to apply pressed glitter from our glitter palette. That's the Bomb Dot Com or You're On Fleek palette.


Pressed Glitter Application - Tip Number One: Eyes before base

Always do your eyes before your base. It's really important when you're working with brightly colored eyeshadows and glitter to make sure that you do the eyes first, so you can clean up nice and easily. Pigments, glitters and shadows can cause fall out which can get mixed in with your foundation. This can lead to a muddy looking complexion, so make sure to do your eyes first.



Pressed Glitter Application - Tip Two: Use the right brush for the job

When you are using pressed glitter palettes, it's important to use the right brush u for the job. You want to use a really stiff a flat brush. I recommend eye number 8 brush from the Jolie Beauty mythical dreamers collection. This has got a lovely flat stiff head, to make glitter application really easy. What you don't want to use is a really fluffy brush. A fluffy brush will just put glitter all over the place so it's really important that you stick to the right brush type


Pressed Glitter Application - Tip Three: Dampen the brush.

Another tip to applying pressed glitter is to dampen your brush. I like to use the Mario Badescu rose water spray. That's just going to help the glitter stick. If you use the flat brush to pick up the glitter pigment by pressing the brush into the pigment - a flat brush will easily pick up the glitter.


Pressed Glitter Application - Tip Four: Apply onto a tacky base.

Your eyeshadow base is also important. Glitter will stick to the tackiest surface so if you want to really prep your eye for glitter, it's a good idea to use a concealer or an eyeshadow base beforehand.  


You can also apply pressed glitter with your fingers! Make sure to watch the video above to see the full application details for that!

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