How to brighten up your skin ready for a healthy new year ahead

January 10, 2017 2 min read

If you feel like your skin is a little dull at this time of year then you’re not alone, as a huge number of others also feel this way. The weather and unhealthy habits can all contribute, making your skin feel tired and dull, and as though you need to inject some life into it. You may have everything at your disposal from your silicon beauty blender to your oval brushes but you may still feel as though your skin isn’t quite as good as it could be. For this reason, it is important to take some important tips into account, and this article will provide you with some great ones.


Silicon sponge


Keep your makeup brushes clean


If you never clean your brushes, then your skin won’t glow as much as it should – as you will be introducing bacteria to it every time you use your makeup. Not only should you make sure that you wash your brushes, but it is also important to ensure that you are using the right technique to do it, or you may find that you’re not getting rid of all of the bacteria that is on the brushes.


Add nuts into your diet


There is a lot of selenium in nuts, which is a chemical that can help your skin be more elastic and helps you to avoid skin cancer. For this reason, it is great to add nuts into your diet in this way, as it helps your skin to look at its best at all times – which can be a great thing at this time of year.


Use serum instead of cream


If you always moisturise your skin then you are already in a great routine, however using serum could be even better for your skin. The reason for this is because it is more concentrated so you only need a small amount, and many serums have lots of antioxidants, which can be hugely beneficial to your skin.



Think about cleaning your phone


If you think about the number of times you touch your phone each day, it stands to reason that there is a lot of bacteria on it at any given time. If you then take a phone call and press it to your face, you are transferring this bacteria, meaning that you are more prone to dull skin and breakouts. By simply using a phone cleaning wipe each week, you can cut down on the amount of bacteria that is on your phone.


When you think about the impact that your skin can have on your mood, it stands to reason that you will always want your skin to look as bright and clear as it possibly can. For this reason, the tips above should be followed, as this gives you the best possible chance of great skin that you will enjoy flaunting. If you look good, you are more likely to feel good, too, so taking the time to care for your skin really does improve your mood in the long term.


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