August 24, 2017 2 min read

It is summer once again and we are ready to sport that sun-kissed beauty from the beach to the malls and all other sizzling parties in store this season. Can you believe that the bronze-look that everybody wants can be achieved with simple makeup in 5 minutes?

Professionals often express how a natural makeup is the most difficult to achieve. Instead of layers and contours, your goal is to appear dewy fresh with subtle hints of bronzed shimmer. Check out these 5 make-up tricks from Jolie Beauty for a sun-kissed glow this summer season.

Get the glow with a primer and an illuminating foundation. Apart from obviously giving you the sun-kissed glow you need for the perfect summer look, a light foundation is also a good cover up for pores on your face without making your makeup appear thick and heavy. The primer is, of course, the perfect base to bring everything together. Use it before applying your foundation.

Brighten your eyes with a highlighter. Dark circles under the eyes can be lightened up using a tinted eye-cream. Fine lines may also show and applying a cream illuminator will do the trick. Also, summer is about the beach (or pool) so thick eyeliners and heavy mascara are definitely a no-no. Use natural mascara instead.

Bronzer is your #1 summer must-have. Your goal is to get that glowy tanned radiance so applying less means looking more natural. Dab that bronzer using Jolie’s unicorn brushes for an even application on your cheekbones, chin, clavicles and forehead. A little shimmer will do and let the sun do the rest.

Go fresh with pop-coloured lip balms. A spot of tinted lip balm will complete your natural summer look instead of a shiny and sticky lip gloss. Nude, peach and pink colors compliment a summer tan. However, if you want it hip and fun, opt for orange or red colored matte lipsticks to give you that polished finish.

Brighten up your face with a powder highlighter. A touch of translucent powder helps reflect light giving your skin that natural radiance. Use unicorn brushes to apply the powder on top of your cheekbones, forehead, and dark areas like under your eyes and under your nose bridge.

Finish up with a setting spray. This is your ultimate makeup fix during summer. A quick cool spray will instantly hydrate your skin and make you feel refreshed under the scorching heat of the summer sun. The spray can also help set your makeup in place making your look smudge-free throughout the day.

You may have started with your beach tan already and you just want to keep it glowing throughout the season.

A quick make-up fix is not bad when you want to enhance your radiant look at a summer party and Jolie Beauty has a variety of products to help you maintain that good summer glow. So what are you waiting for? Stash that bronzer and spray in your bag and head out to the beach today!


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