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Summer is time when you want to be out and about, and with this in mind you need to make sure that your makeup is going to stay strong – no matter where you might decide to go. With this being the case, before you put your Mermaid makeup brushes to good use, it is important that you read on – as we have some great tips about how you can ensure that your makeup stays put as far as possible. So, get your toothbrush makeup brush ready, and listen carefully.


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Apply properly

If you don’t apply your makeup properly then it will struggle to stay on your face – even if there isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to the weather. It is important that you create your look right from the base, and this means that you need primer as a base layer. This will help to cement everything that you put on top of it, and it means that it a small amount should be damaged by the weather, you’re still not left with completely bare skin underneath it all – which should help to avoid it looking as though your makeup has smudged or been removed.

Use waterproof versions when possible

Lots of people choose to use non-waterproof mascara for many reasons, however if you think that the weather might be bad, this isn’t the best of ideas. It is always good to have a waterproof version on hand whenever you can, as this means that you can avoid running the risk of having your mascara trailing down your face – and this is never a look that people particularly like to aim for. You should always make sure that you wash off all mascara that you wear, and this may take a little more effort if you have opted for waterproof mascara – as it can cause your eyelashes to look clumpy if you simply pile on more mascara over some that hasn’t yet been washed off from the previous time you applied it.

Take added supplies

If you know that the weather is going to be bad when you’re out and about, then you should make sure that you have a plan when it comes to places where you can touch up your makeup. If you work in an office, then leaving a few minutes early should give you the chance to go to the bathroom and touch up your look if you need to – and if the weather is particularly bad then you could wait until you get to work before putting on any foundation at all, as this would save you time before you leave the house.

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No matter which tactic you use to keep your makeup in place during those annoying summer showers, it is important that you have a plan. Nothing is worse than when the weather tries to spoil something that you had planned, and by having a backup option you can make sure that this doesn’t happen, and that you look great at all times.

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