September 28, 2020 4 min read

Who’s ready to be bewitched?? Behold the magic of the Sorceress 


Our CEO Jolie Cash presents our latest magical launch – The Sorceress Palette!

As you can see from the video above, we have been very busy brewing up some exciting potions and they have created a brew of magical pigments. We can’t wait to show you what’s inside!

 But before we do, let’s talk a little bit about the inspiration for this palette and the amazing artwork on it as well. So if you’ve followed Jolie Cash or Jolie Beauty for a long time, then you’ll know that we absolutely love Halloween! It’s the one thing that personally got Jolie into makeup, many years ago.  She absolutely loved applying makeup to her friends and family, in equal measures of delight and despair, depending on what she decided to dress them up as.  For Jolie, Halloween was always the most exciting time of year, more exciting than Christmas! For the last few years, we’ve been planning to do a spooky Halloween launch, but racking our brains on what we wanted the first product to be.


Jolie says, "I always feel like when you put on makeup, it makes you feel so empowered and beautiful, as well as it being transformative – and this was what we wanted to get that across with the palette. So we thought, what better than a powerful and beautiful sorceress that can become anything that she or he wants at any time, through the power of makeup."


We’ve had so much fun with concepts of the palette and I cannot wait to show you what’s inside. But of course, let’s talk about the beautiful artwork. Last year one of Jolie’s friends showed her an amazing artist called Em Eato. When we looked at her work we thought she was absolutely perfect and we were delighted when she agreed to collaborate with us on the design on the front of the palette. We sent over Em a brief of some of the ideas that we wanted and this is what she came up with which is absolutely perfect! Please go and check out her pages listed here and show her some love:

Etsy Shop -     

Instagram -

So, this is what you’ve all been waiting for, lets open her up!!

Inside you’ll see that the palette comes with 28 shades and includes a mirror. Above the mirror you’ll see it says “You look simply Bewitching”, which we think is a cute touch! And Em’s also designed all the beautiful details around the edges in a beautiful gold foil. The colour story and influence behind the palette is we wanted to introduce lots of lovely cool tones – We’ve never actually done a palette with any cool tones before really so its about time that we got some good smoky greys and browns. 

 So starting on the left, we’ve got all these gorgeous stony cool tones. I know a lot of you who have been following Jolie for some time will know that she used to be a lot more gothic when she was younger, even being a member on Vampire Freaks. So this palette is a tribute to her younger look for sure. We feel that these cool tones at the start of the palette are perfect for creating a gothic or grungy look and we’ve got so many interesting textures here as well which we’ll show you in the swatches below.

 As we move further down the palette, it starts to get a little bit more colourful and a lot more mysterious! Not everything is what it seems down here and we can’t wait to show you the swatches of these particular shades as we have some extra special pigments in here that we think you guys are going to freak out at!

On the first row we have:

Snow Moon - Matte white

Conjure – Light cool toned brown

Witching Hour – Deep, steel shimmery grey pigment

Tarot – Deep silver pressed glitter pigment


Second row, we have:

Spellbound – Medium cool toned brown

Bewitching – Medium cool toned grey

Hex – Light matte grey

Solstice – Dark matte grey


Third row contains:

Equinox – Frosty white with a blue/green shift

Nancy – Gun metal deep silver pressed glitter pigment

Chalice – Medium grey shimmer

Dreamcatcher – Pure metallic black shimmer


On the fourth row:

Transform – A three-toned chameleon pigment with a purple to blue to golden brown shift

Shapeshifter – A three-toned chameleon pigment with a green to purple as well a metallic cool brown shift

Clairvoyance – A teal toned shimmer

Healer – Matte bright green


On the fifth row we have:

Sorceress – A matte light plum purple

Hocus – A light matte lilac

Pocus – Golden green shimmer

Crystal Ball – A pressed glitter pigment containing both gold and teal.


On the sixth row:

Spirit – A pressed glitter pigment in bright purple

Hallows’Eve – A dark matte purple

Powerful – An aquamarine matte green

Poppet – A dark matte forest green


And on the last row:

Love Potion – A bright cool toned matte pink

Enchantress – A light shimmer purple

Lunar Eclipse– A duo-chrome pigment with a mix of purple, blue and grey

Sabbath – The darkest matte black


Our matte shades are highly pigmented and blend seamlessly together.  The chameleon and duo-chrome shades are perfect for adding a magical flash of colour to any look and the pressed glitter can be tapped on to of any look to create a dazzling pop!

The Sorceress Palette is both vegan & cruelty free!

We hope you have a magical time creating some gorgeous mysterious looks with this palette and we can’t wait to see them! Make sure to tag us so we can see what you conjure up!


As always, thank you so much for all your support for the brand and with this launch!

Lots of love, Jolie and the team x

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