March 01, 2023 3 min read

As the winter chill begins to thaw, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming spring season and the new makeup trends that come along with it. From fresh-faced minimalism to bold pops of color, there are a variety of spring makeup trends that are set to take center stage in 2023. In this blog, we will explore some of the top spring makeup trends for 2023.

Glossy Lips:  Glossy lips are making a comeback in 2023, with a focus on high-shine and ultra-hydrating formulas. From clear lipgloss to bright, bold colors, glossy lips are the perfect way to add a touch of glam to any spring look.

Why not try our Electric Lipgloss collection for a range of glossy hues to compliment every complexion?

Electric Lip Gloss - Baddie

Bright Blush: Spring is all about fresh, youthful beauty, and bright blusher is the perfect way to achieve that look. From soft pinks to vibrant corals, a pop of bright blush on the cheeks is a quick and easy way to add a healthy glow to your skin.

Why not try Second Skin blushers? This lightweight and buildable formula makes it easy to control the intensity of your blusher.

Second Skin Powder Blush - Shade: Flushed - Jolie Beauty

Graphic Eyeliner: Bold, graphic liner is a trend that is set to take off in 2023. Whether it's a classic cat-eye or a more dramatic graphic shape, liner is the perfect way to add a bit of edge to any spring look.

Why not try the water activated eyeliner palette? This bright and intense eyeliner palette allows you to experiment with a rainbow of shades, and takes you into the summer season. 

Pastel Eyeshadow: Pastel eyeshadow is a classic spring trend that never goes out of style. From soft lilacs to pretty pinks, pastel shades are the perfect way to add a touch of color to your eyes without being too bold.

Why not try the Ethereality palette? This palette has a variety of pretty pastel eyeshadow shades - perfect for this time of year! 

Ethereality Palette - Jolie Beauty


Natural Brows: Natural, fluffy brows are in style for spring 2023. Instead of the sharp, defined brows of the past, the trend is shifting towards a more relaxed and natural look. So, put away the tweezers and embrace your natural brows!

Why not try the Laminated Eyebrow gel? This allows a strong hold and gives even the thinnest eyebrows that fluffy look.

Glitter: Sparkle and glitter are back in a big way for spring 2023. From glittery eyeshadows to shimmery highlighters, adding a touch of sparkle to your look is a fun way to embrace the spirit of the season.

Why not try a glitter palette? The Bomb Dot Com palette also has a variety of pastel shades that add to the season's trending colour scheme.



Monochromatic Looks: Monochromatic makeup looks are another trend that is set to take off in 2023. From soft pinks to warm oranges, using one color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips creates a cohesive and polished look that is perfect for spring.

Skin Care-Infused Makeup: In 2023, the trend is moving towards makeup that not only looks good but also takes care of your skin. Skin care-infused makeup, like tinted moisturizers and CC creams, provide coverage while also hydrating and protecting your skin.


In conclusion, the spring makeup trends for 2023 are all about fresh, youthful beauty with a touch of glam. Glossy lips, bright blush, graphic liner, pastel eyeshadow, natural brows, glitter, monochromatic looks, and skin care-infused makeup are all set to take center stage. So, embrace your inner beauty and have fun experimenting with these exciting new trends!

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