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At this time of year, most of us will be sitting back and thinking about all of the new year’s resolutions that we made just a few weeks ago. Many of us will now have broken them, whether they were to use our clear beauty blender more, or make the most of our unicorn makeup brush set that we were given for Christmas. No matter what we might have wanted to do, the fact is that a lot of resolutions fail – but it doesn’t need to be new year to make a change. You can, in fact, make changes at any time of the year, and this article will tell you about the changes that you really should have made.


clear beauty blender

Exfoliate more

Most of us want to have the best skin possible, and in order for this to be the case we need to do everything that we can to take care of it. Exfoliation is great, as it gives us the chance to get rid of all of the dead skin that might have been on our face, and this leaves it much smoother, and ready for you to put your makeup on top of. It’s always important to have a smooth base for your makeup because this means that it will look much better once it has been applied.

Wear sunscreen every day

If you only wear sunscreen in the summer (if even then!) your skin may be suffering damage every single day of your life. With this being true, you should make sure that you wear your sunscreen every day. You are able to buy moisturisers with it built in, and this might be a better idea for the winter – as chances are you will only need to put it on your face, as this will be the only skin that you have exposed.

Stop touching your face

We all have spots every now and again, even though our teenage years are far behind us, and nothing is more tempting than picking or squeezing spots when they appear. However, this is incredibly bad for your skin, and in fact may simply spread the bacteria further, meaning that you can look forward to more spots in the future. It is never a good idea to touch your skin, and as a general rule you should try not to – or at least wash your hands first.


Lots of us suffer from dry skin, but if you only moisturise when you realise that your skin is already dry then you might not really be helping the problem. Instead, you should do it as a preventative measure, and make sure that you moisturise every single day.


 unicorn makeup brush set

When you think about just how important your skin is, you will see why it is so vital that you take the time to look after it. So, if your resolutions currently feel like nothing but a distant memory, it can be a great idea to set new ones, and think about what you can do for the rest of the year.

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