January 17, 2023 2 min read

Here at Jolie Beauty, gothic makeup has never gone out of style! But it is hard to deny there is a resurgence of interest in darker aesthetics since a particular Netflix series came out.

Wednesday Addams' Makeup Artist Tells Us How She Perfected The Soft, Gothic  Look On Jenna Ortega


The Netflix series "Wednesday" has had a significant influence on the soft gothic makeup style that now seems to be trending for 2023. The show, which is a spin-off of the classic film "The Addams Family," follows the life of Wednesday Addams as she navigates her way through high school. The show has been praised for its dark and mysterious aesthetic, which has been reflected in the soft gothic makeup trend.

One of the key features of soft gothic makeup inspired by the series "Wednesday" is the use of dark, smoky eye makeup. This can be achieved by using dark eyeshadows such as black, dark purple, or dark grey, and blending them out to create a smoky effect, similar to the one sported by Wednesday in the show. This can be paired with bold eyeliner, such as a winged liner or a thick, graphic liner, to add drama to the look, reminiscent of Wednesday's softly smudged gel eyeliner.

We recommend using the Sorceress palette paired with our Infinity Gel Eyeliner to achieve this eye look. 

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Another key aspect of the soft gothic makeup style (influenced by the series) is the use of natural-looking, dewy skin. It is quite different to the heavier and more matte application of traditional gothic makeup.


This skin finish can be achieved by using a lightweight, hydrating foundation and a highlighter to add a subtle glow to the skin, similar to the one Wednesday has on the show. It is important to avoid using heavy foundation or powder, as this can make the skin appear too matte and flat, which is not in line with the natural and dewy look of Wednesday's skin.

The series also showcases a bold lip, which has become a staple of the soft gothic makeup style. This can be achieved by using a deeper lip liner, such as a deep red or dark purple, similar to Wednesday's signature dark lips. This can be paired with a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preference. 


A soft gothic makeup look can also be completed with a touch contouring, similar to the one Wednesday has on the show. This can be achieved by using a contouring powder, and applying it in a way that creates a natural-looking, defined look.

Why not try our Perfectly Sculpted Contour palette to get the same defined look?

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What do you think of the soft gothic makeup look for 2023?

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