CarnEvil Palette


🎪 Prepare to be both mesmerized and terrified as the CarnEvil arrives to town.

As the sun sets and the moon takes its place, the CarnEvil sends shivers down the spines of even the bravest souls. The flickering lights from twisted, rusted lanterns illuminate the grounds, revealing grotesque attractions that defy the laws of nature and reason. The unsettling music that drifts through the night seems to be composed of dissonant chords and unsettling melodies, luring unsuspecting townspeople into its haunting embrace.

As guests wander deeper into the CarnEvil's heart, they encounter freakish spectacles that blur the line between reality and nightmare. Twisted acrobats contort their bodies in unnatural ways, while illusionists perform macabre tricks that leave the mind reeling. Sinister clowns with painted grins leer from the shadows, their laughter echoing with a mirth that feels malevolent.

Our CarnEvil palette is a combination of a celebration of our love for the spooky -  but also a celebration of the Jolie Beauty motto: "What makes you different makes you beautiful." We hope this palette and collection allows you to fly your freak flag high & proud.  

 Our CarnEvil palette has a mixture of magical multichromes, duochromes, shimmers, pressed glitters and mattes.




Customer Reviews

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Love love love it!!


Perfect as always!!


Amazing products always
Every purchase has been brilliant,very satisfied

J.J.G.A. (Herlev, DK)
Amazing eyeshadows

I highly recommend it this palette . The pigmentation it is really good so make me able to be very creative with different looks .

E.K. (Witney, GB)
Best eyeshadow I've used in ages

I've been dying to try Jolie Beauty for a while now, and after getting some birthday money, I thought I'd treat myself!
The quality of these, considering its a small brand is incredible. The packaging is really well thought out, with a huge mirror and although the palette is large, it's not too heavy or awkward.
The colours are nothing short of phenomenal. I have used many a brand and I've never found a suitable formula for purple until now. Rich pigments throughout, soft, creamy consistency, staying power and buildable! I was worried at first they would be too pigmented and too bright for me but I can easily use ant of the shades in a more toned down fashion, if I just want a little wash of gentle colour.
100% addicted to this brand and I can guarantee I'll be back for so much more!