December 21, 2017 2 min read

Every Bride looks forward to her wedding day. It is a day in which she gets to be the center of attraction and a day of celebration so nothing must go wrong.

Things such as her dress, make-up, the venue, decoration, food and others are noted down then arrangement and plans are made and concluded to ensure everything turns out well.

One of the preparations in which is often being overlooked and mistakes are often been made when planning for is the bridal make-up. The appearance of the bride on this day is very important and so we must pay attention to every detail no matter how minor it may seem.

 I would be giving some tips on the do's and don'ts of bridal make up and I hope you find them useful.



 - Endeavor to request the services of a a make-up artist so you are certain of a professional work. Confirm her availability to avoid disappointment on the agreed day.

- Do a trial run of your bridal look to have an idea of your look and make corrections or additions were necessary. Have references of make-up you would love and what you love about them.

- Having in mind your dress is white, you need to make use of colors to compensate your dress. Try exploring with a lot of colors but ensure you make use of colors that are subtle and compliment each other as well as your skin.

- Going for colors you are familiar with is also a good option as most brides have attested that doing this helped boost there comfort and confidence.

- Get enough sleep the night before the big day to avoid looking tired and dull.

- Ensure your make up is well blended as cameras are known to pick up visible makeup lines.

- Make use of make-up products that will matte (they won't reflect light or look too shiny).



- Make use of make up products you have not tried before.

- Do your make up under a fluorescent light as it gives off green hue on your skin which can make you look sickly. It is best to apply makeup in the same light in which you will be wearing and so fix your trial appointment with your make-up artist under daylight.

- Make use of false eye lashes except you are comfortable in them and are sure they will not fall off later.

- Wear too sparkly or frost eye make-up as they can crease easily as time goes on and reflect camera flashes which will not turn out good.

- Make use of a heavy base make-up as it will be too obvious when taking pictures in natural light.

- Rush your make-up so as to allow proper application and blending. Spend at least 45 minutes to an hour for make-up application on the wedding day.


I hope these tips have been very helpful and I wish you a beautiful and joyous day as you elegantly walk down the isle to be with your prince charming.

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