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Having a long, thick and beautiful eyelash can help create your perfect look. It's no secret that long lashes can help your personality shine, by creating a frame for your eyes and adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your look. Fake lashes will surely turn heads towards you; however, this lashes varies from flirty and feminine to the bold and dramatic types that can be used to add that special touch to the eyes. There are now tools that help us apply them easier meaning you can get a more even and long-lasting look every time. More people are now opting for Cruelty-free eyelashes over silk due to ethical reasons related to the production of silk. Even the Lash glue has advanced over the years which allows the lashes remain in place for hours at a time. Unfortunately, all this has made removing the lashes a little trickier.

Cruelty free Lashes

Picture by robertavixen wearing Felicity Lashes

To avoid ripping your skin, ripping your own eyelashes out or destroying your fake lashes. Do not attempt to pull off the artificial lashes. When you want to take off your artificial eyelashes, some methods allow you to remove your false lashes easily. You also will be able to use these techniques if you have accidentally glued your eyelids together. though reading this article may become problematic.


Soak With Oil

Many people try to rip their lashes dry without applying anything to break down the glue, but this is a bad practice that you should avoid. The best way is to use oil; soak them in oil as this is the safest way to remove your fake lashes without causing harm to your real lashes. You can use naturals coconut oil as it is great for the face and can help get rid of makeups, all you have to do is to massage the oil and leave for about 30 seconds (for the adhesive to get soften) before you slip of the lashes off.

Using Steam 

Another great way to remove your fake lashes is to use steam. Steam will help you soften the lash glue and allow you to pull them off easily. Obviously, you have to be careful choosing the correct technique to do this as steam can burn you. If you have a facial steamer, you can use that, but if you don’t, all you have to do is to pour 3 to 4 cups of warm water to a metal or glass bowl. Then find a thick towel and drape around your head for about 3 to 5 minutes as you steam your face above the bowl. After this process, you should check that the lashes are now lose by gently pulling on the fake lashes right from the outer corner. If you feel any tugging or pulling then repeat the toweling process until the fake lashes are loosened fully.

Using Make-Up Remover

Fake Eyelashes Lastly, using makeup remover; your makeup remover is not only for wiping off your makeup it can also help you soften the fake lash glue and remove them. All you have to do is to soak a cotton swab with the remover and run it along with your lashes until you start feeling the glue is dissolving, and the lashes can be remove easily. however, this step should be done after you have removed the rest of your make-up with the make-up remover.

If you've managed to remove your faux lashes successfully, you can reuse them in the future. Just remember to use some tweezers to clean the glue from the lash band. By taking the time to remove your fake lashes safely. You will not only leave your current lashes on you face (very desirable) but you will also get multiple wares from your fake lashes!

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