May 30, 2018 2 min read

It is no secret that our planet is currently drowning in plastics. Plastics are floating in the seas and that they are filling up our landfills too. Which is going to be a huge issue come the future. Thankfully there are a few charities that are working really hard to correct the situation such as 4Ocean. When you think of these troublesome plastics, chances are that you conjure up images of plastic bottles and packaging, however, this isn’t the only plastic that could be causing a problem.

Micro Plastic

There is one new enemy that appears to be infiltrating the natural world around us and this time it is sparkly. Glitter is making its way into the seas and affecting the marine life that lives there. After all, glitter, as is used in nurseries, schools and forms parts of many peoples makeup kits all over the country is a microplastic; and whilst it is smaller than other forms of plastics, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t having an impact.

One thing that you often realise with chunky glitter for your body, is that it is almost impossible to remove it with a wet wipe. Which means that you are going to jump in the shower and wash it away and down the drain. However, it is in doing this that you end up with that glitter, which isn’t biodegradable, making it's way into the sea.

Whilst we are dedicated to protecting the amazing marine life that is part of the natural world. The idea of a life without sparkle is not one that we want to see. So, we are pleased to learn that scientists are trying to make sure that we all can stay sparkly, without it causing a problem.

They have developed a fully eco-friendly glitter, which is created and designed in a way that is going to have minimal impact on the world. Manufactured using the extract from the eucalyptus tree, which is then mixed with aluminium.  It is fully biodegradable, which means that if it then makes its way into the sea, that it is simply going to melt away over time.

Biodegradable glitter

Worried that this glitter isn’t going to stand the test of a sweaty night of dancing or a weekend at a festival? Well, you will be pleased to know that this really isn’t the case. In fact, whilst this type of biodegradable glitter is softer and nice to wear, it is also durable and long lasting too. Exactly what us girls are going to want.


Biodegradable glitter


Here at Jolie Beauty, we are dedicated to not only making sure that you look beautiful, but also that you take steps to making sure that the world around us is protected too. One sparkly eyelid at a time.

So, why not join us on our crusade to change the world? Buy from us and make sure that you have a make up bag that not only is packed full of products that make you smile, but products that make the world smile too! 

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