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Hands up if you have a friend who is about as good at applying their lashes for a night out as they are at competing at high jump in their heels ( both of which you see them try to do and fail miserably)? So instead of rushing round to their place to ensure they do it right just point them towards this article and we will put them right. Jolie Beauty has helped clear your doubt on how to apply eyelashes. It is of understanding that people find it difficult to come up with the techniques to employ in getting the eyelashes fixed properly which is why we want to guide you through the procedures to follow.

Applying silk or cruelty free eyelashes to your eyes in a proper way is not as difficult as you thin. Having said this, let’s carefully underline the key steps to follow in the application of eyelashes but before we start seeing the sights of the steps to take, below are the things you will need:

Slayin Lashes

Lash glue



Makeup Brush

Step 1: Wash hands and equipment

Clean Hands

After a few proseccos, this stage could be easily overlooked. But even if you have taken forever to pick your outfit and your girlfriends are trying to rush you out the door you still need to take the time to do this. your eyes are probably the most sensitive part of your body and any contaminants you put into them puts you at risk of a serious reaction.





Step 2: Cut the lashes to size


Lashes come in all shapes and sizes but that means that they are going to always going to be your size. In they are made slightly bigger than the average eye to ensure a more universal fit. This means to get the best results you are most likely going to have to trim them down. When doing this it is key to reCut False Lashes member you can never attach what you have cut off so only cut off a little bit each time until you have the perfect size. With most lashes, you will also need to trim them by cutting from both ends of the lash to ensure the centre point of the lash stays central. this is because most lash designs are not the same all the way around and often have thicker and/or longer hair in the middle. If you trim from the one end you will end up with this section of the lash towards the inside or outside of your eye which will look odd. Once you have one lash cut to size you can use this as a template for cutting you matching lash. But remember to place the cut lash that you are using as a template on the centre of the matching lash and cut both overhanging ends off Step

3: Apply Glue

Clear eyelash glue

Now you have a pair of lashes that fit your eyes perfectly and all you need to do is glue them to your face. But slow down because this is where the real skill starts. The last thing you want to do is drench the band in glue, this will not make them stick better and it looks terrible even with clear glue. Firstly it is better to do one lash at a time so you are not rushing to get one on your face before the glue sets on the other. The key to applying the correct amount of glue is simple never hold your lashes so the glue is dripping on them, instead hold your lashes buy the lash so the band is at the bottom. Then you can run the band of the lash through the glue using a selection of techniques. perhaps the most used one is holding the lash glue tube with the nozzle facing up, squeezing out a small blob which you can run the band of the lash through. If you find you cant hold both hands steady enough for this then squeeze the glue onto the back of your hand or a finger. This will make it easier for you to run the band of the lash through the glue ensuring you only pick up a small amount of glue.

Step 4: Let it dry

This is a step you cannot rush or skip or your lashes will not stick properly. You NEED to let your glue go tacky before it will stick properly. This will usually take around 45 seconds but this can vary depending on the glue and temperature. So how can you tell if the glue is tacky? Well feelinging it on the band is one way but this will create weak spots on the band of glue. If you apply a small amount of glue onto the end of a makeup brush at the same time as putting the glue on the lash. You can then use this as a tester for when the glue is tacky without disturbing the glue on the lash band

Step 5: Apply the lashes

Apply Fake Lash

Placing your eyelashes right may seem hard but you will definitely improve the technique the more times you do it. Some people prefer to use eyelash tweezers to apply the lash as it lets you hold the lash more steady. Apply the lash as close to the lash line as you can. Do this is carefully by not attaching it to your natural eyelashes. You can then use tweezers to make adjustments to where the lash band is sitting but remember the more you adjust it after application the weaker the glue will be. It is important you get the whole band in the correct place the first time it touches. Easier said than done but practice makes perfect!

The above has given the clearer picture of how you could get eyelashes applied to your eye. But are you still wondering to get affordable and durable eyelashes that will give you the beautiful look you ever longed for whenever you intend going for an occasion? Look no further as you have already had an answer to your question. Jolie Beauty has cruelty free 3D eyelashes (Slayin Lashes) that are completely handcrafted and made from Faux Mink so no animals harmed in the making and are completely cruelty-free. There are soft and luxurious styles with a natural finish. It is so durable that they can be worn up to 20 times. The  Slayin Lash collection so many different styles that you will be sure to find a pair to suit you. Get more insight into our products below.


Feathery and beautiful are two words that describe the Ottilie lashes. These lashes have delicate and thin fibres, with a criss-cross effect. All held together by a high quality, yet thin, band. Our flexible bands make these lashes super easy to apply - even lash novices will be able to slay!

Vegan LashesVegan Lashes


The Arielle lashes are natural looking 3D lashes. They are longest in the middle and shorter on the ends. To give a wide-eyed appearance when wearing them. Along the band there are different densities to the lashes, giving a flattering effect.

Vegan LashesVegan Lashes


Clear Band The Lola lashes are full, dramatic and bound to make a statement! The Lola style of Slayin Lashes is one of our longest and fullest styles. These 3D Lashes have three layers, giving a wispy effect. They emulate the flattering cluster lash effect. Along the band, they have a tapered effect to them: with the longest part of the lashes on the outside. Extending your eyes, Lola are on a see-through band, meaning even though they are big - they are super easy to apply, even without heavy eyeliner.

Vegan LashesVegan Lashes


The Belle lashes are flirty 3D lashes that have a tapered effect on the eye. The high-quality band has had individual, faux mink hairs attached to it of differing lengths, giving a wispy and whimsical look.

Vegan LashesVegan Lashes


Clear Band The Amelia lash is perfect for everyday wear. This is a subtle yet full pair of lashes. Each faux mink fibre is delicate and fine. Yet there are plenty of them! Giving a subtle full lash effect. Amelia is set on a clear band, making it very easy to put these lashes on absolutely every day! There are products of Slayin Lashes that are not included on the list that will give your look more attraction thereby getting people’s attention. You get more quality value to yourself by trying out one of these products.

Vegan Lashes Vegan Lashes


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