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Picking the right vegan lashes for your eye shape can be a bit confusing sometimes. With 1000’s of 3D Lashes on the market it's hard to know whether you should be going for length over volume or the au naturalle look. However lash lovers fear not, our quick and easy guide below will help you chose the best ones for you.


First and foremost you need to know what eyes shape you have and in some instances what face shape you have too. Get in front of a mirror and check out your eyes, can you see all of the iris or the eyelid, do you have a slant or how much space rests between your eyes. Take some time and access yourself.


Almond eyes generally coincide with an oval face shape and you’ll be pleased to hear that most lashes look great. Check out our Ottilie range to show off the shape with these evenly distributed feathery lash.

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Round Eyes show most if their iris off and require curly lashes to enhance the top lid. Check out our Bethany lashes. Bethany will enhance your eyes perfectly, no matter what the look. They are longest in the middle, which helps to give a wide-eyed appearance at all times


Mono Lids are commonly found around Asian eyes and you should pick top heavy, multi-layered and fluttery styles to open up the eye just like Lola. The Lola lashes are full, dramatic and bound to make a statement!

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Close Set Eyes are easy to distinguish as the distance between your eyes is shorter than the width of one of your eyes. Using Amelia you will lengthen and lift the eyes outwards plus they are perfect for everyday wear! This is a subtle yet full pair of lashes.

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Hooded eyes have a prominent brow-bone so you won't be able to see the eyelid when the eye is open. Choosing the wrong lashes will pull hooded eyes down and make them look smaller. The Belle lashes are perfect for hooded eyes giving you flirty 3D lashes that have a tapered effect on the eye.

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Upturned eyes have the outer corners point higher than the inner corners and are the ideal for a cat eye. Be delicate like Daisy. These beautiful and natural lashes are also perfect for everyday wear. Their crisscross band really makes the eyes stand out, in an alluring and un-obvious way.

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Protruding Eyes are generally dramatic so enhance these with the Isabelle lashes. These are dramatic 3D lashes yet remain gorgeously natural too with a wispy lash took.

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Deep Set Eyes sit under the brow bone. Check out the Felicity lashes,  she is not shy about coming forward. If you have had 3D lashes before, well...Felicity eyelashes are 4D. These incredibly dramatic lashes are bound to turn heads. Their multi-layered appearance gives the appearance of wearing several sets of lashes.

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