July 18, 2018 2 min read

No one wants their make up melting off their face like ice cream on a warm summer’s day. 

Do not worry sun lovers, with our Cruelty-Free Products and step by step guide, we will keep you looking fresh, flirty and fun through the day and into the night.













Step 1 - Its all about the primer and having a good base is key to keeping a lasting look. Ideally, pick one with that is also an anti-ageing formula contains both Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen to keep you looking plump and sassy. Check out our 24 Karat Gold Skin Perfecting Elixir as the ultimate addition to your summer makeup bag.






Step 2 - Say goodbye to heavy sticky foundation and hello to UniStrobe Shimmer! Adding a bit of shimmer to the primer will illuminate and moisturize allowing your face to breath and keeping your skin hydrated

Step 3 - Hand Off and get brushing. Avoid sponges or using your fingers to apply the finishing touches to the shimmer. Get your hands on our Vegan makeup brushes and our Unicorn dreams highlighter palette adding a stunning finish to your makeup look. 

Step 4 - Low maintenance eyes. Use natural tones to build a beautiful yet simple look with a splash of glitter to excite and draw attention. The Water-resistant shade in the Bomb Dot Com palette provides you with true summer and holiday staying power.


Step 5 - Last but not least - Lips! Pucker up princess, but remember that light and bright colors are easier to touch up than darker ones. Go bold, go pink, go Bombshell, go out and make your mark. All of our lipsticks are 

Cruelty-Free and long wearing to see you through the day with no drying effects. 


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