Brush essentials you need in any makeup kit

July 24, 2018 2 min read

Makeup brushes are the most important item in your makeup kit. FACT!

A good quality vegan makeup brush kit will help you achieve a great makeup look without having to splash out on expensive makeup. On the flip side, if you do have expensive makeup and have poor quality brushes, then you will struggle to get the desired look. Don't be let down by your brush choices!

Don't be fooled when people say there is no comparison to real fur brushes. This is simply not true. Yes, there are some very cheap and nasty synthetic brushes out there and this is most likely why synthetic bushes can have a bad name. But only a small amount of research will prove that this is simply not true. In fact it is quite the opposite, as a vegan makeup brush can be a lot better at applying makeup than a brush with real animal hair

With so many brushes out there on the market today it can be baffling to know which ones to pick, so check out our cheeky TOP 5 must have brushes you should keep in your everyday makeup bag.

TOP 5:

1) FAN BRUSH - Great to use with highlighters giving you a cheeky glow for the day.

2) POWDER BRUSH - Does exactly what it says, for use with your main face powders or bronzers giving you a lasting finish.

3) CREASE BRUSH - Ideal for the eyes and any eye makeup applications allowing you to get into those creases.

4) ANGLED BRUSH - Perfect for liner and eyebrows giving you the precision and angles required for the ultimate look.

5) FLATHEAD BRUSH - The most fun brush of all, the glitter brush! Add a little bit of shimmer, sparkle, and colour to any look with this makeup brush.

Once you have these basic tools you can build on your brush kits investing in ones that suite your personality and makeup routine. 

Have fun collecting your cruelty-free makeup brushes, add color, add sparkles, add unicorn vibes if you want to into your makeup bag. Just remember professional vegan makeup brushes don't have to be boring.



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