December 04, 2020 2 min read

Eyeliner is something that people have been rocking for so far back and there’s been a lot of makeup looks made infamous by the use of liner, such as Elizabeth Taylor’s graphic liner as Cleopatra, Amy Winehouse’s think black wings and even Jonny Depp’s smoked out look in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Eyeliner can be used to alter the appearance of your eye shape, by either elongating it, creating a beautiful cat eye shape or by making the eyes appear rounder, similar to Katy Perry or Zoe Deschanel.

Creating a cat eye with eyeliner

To create a more feline look to your eyes, you want to start the liner off as thin as possible on the inner corners and gradually start to thicker the line once you’re at the halfway point across your lid (right above your pupil).  Then on the outer corners, draw the line straight out, to make the eye appear elongated.


Making your eyes look more open with eyeliner

If you’re looking for a more doe-eyed effect, you want to again start your liner thin on the inner corners, gradually increasing it as you reach the centre of your lid and then thin the line back down again by the outer corners.  This will make your eyes appear more round as it creates lift in the centre of the eyes.

Make you eye shape look more even with eyeliner

You can also use eyeliner to even out your eyes, perhaps if they tilt differently, or if one is slightly bigger than the other.  The thickness of your liner and how it’s places on the lid can help to create more balance in the face.

When it comes to trying to even out your eyes, it helps to apply slightly thicker liner to your smaller eye, that way when your eyes are open, you have helped to create more even visible eyelid space on both sides.  If one eye is slightly lower than the other, you can end your liner on the outer corner slightly sooner on your lower eye and flick the line upwards to help create some lift to this area.

How to do eyeliner for hooded eyes

For hooded eyes, sometimes creating a wing that is then visible when your eyes are open can be a challenge, for this is best to map out the shape you like with your eyes open, looking forward into a mirror and then fill the shape it.  It might be that you need to create a slight step in your liner when your eye is closed, but that smooths out and looks like a regular wing once your eyes are open.

Eyeliner comes in a variety of formulas and it’s important to find the one that suits you! Gel and liquid liners are my favourite because with a gel you have time to smudge them out and then once they’ve set they’re not going anyway! With liquid liners, they’re perfect for creating a really sharp wing and for more graphic looks.


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Whatever eyeliner look you go for, have fun with it and just keep practicing!

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