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One of the most common questions I get asked over on my Instagram is how do I stop my concealer  creasing under my eyes and settling into my fine lines – Well I want to share with you my top tips to help make your makeup last longer throughout the day, and keeping your under eyes looking smooth!


Prepare your undereye for makeup by hydrating it

So the first step in getting a lovely smooth under eye with your concealer is preparation.  Think of it this way, you don’t paint a wall unless the surface is nice and clean and flat.  If you paint a wall and it’s got cracks in it or if there’s texture, then the paint is still going to show that texture underneath.  Although we can’t fill our fine lines and wrinkles, because our faces move with expression and when we laugh, so if we were to try and fill it, it would start to crack and look even worse. So the best thing to do is plump up that undereye and nourish it as much as possible!

So I’d recommend starting with the UniGlow Bright Eyes Serum, as this eye serum has been specially formulated to go underneath the eye as well as underneath makeup. So unlike a cream product, where you might get slip and slide when you put concealer on top, this has been formulated to be a little bit tacky yet really hydrating for the skin around the eyes. 

It contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E which are going to plump up those fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a much smother canvas to work on and the best thing is is that you only need a couple of drops! So definitely prepare your eye before you go in with any other products!

Using your ring finger, pat on the smallest amount of UniGlow Undereye Serum, this will also help to ensure that we can use a powder later on to set the area without it looking overly dry.


Choose the best concealer for your skin type

So now let's move onto the concealer, any will do but it can be particularly helpful to use one that self sets, that means you can get away with using even less powder on top and for me that it settles into my fine lines even less!

The first tip with the concealer is the amount we’re going to put on.  If you’re struggling with creasing, it could be that you’re putting too much on, we’re all seen those over the top pale triangles of product under people’s eyes, well that’s what we don’t want!


The trick is to make the product as minimal as possible, with each stage!

I have three small dots of product under the eye, covering the inner most corner, the outer corner and on my eye bags in the centre. Now taking the BaseBlend Pro Makeup Sponge, I’m going to tap that in.  A patting motion will help to keep the product where you want it, and not spread it out too much.


Limit the amount of powder you use

Next stage is to apply the smallest amount of powder to help improve the longevity of the concealer.  Don’t get tempted to start baking your under eyes, as this just removes the moisture from that area, making it look drier and more textured.

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