August 20, 2019 2 min read

CEO, Jolie Cash is back with another video tutorial! This time, showing you how to get this amazing festival makeup look. Make sure to head over to the Official Jolie Beauty YouTube channel to watch the full look. 

Jolie Cash gives some amazing tips in the video on how to create the perfect Festival Makeup Look!  Here are some of our absolute favourite festival makeup tips from the video:

- Put your festival face jewels on before your glitter. If you put your glitter on first, it can get stuck underneath the gems. This means that your face jewels might not secure on as well as they should. Do the gems first, so the glitter doesn't interfere with the look!

-  Pick festival jewels that come in one adhesive strip. No one wants to fiddle around with loads of individual jewels at a festival. Our range of festival face jewels come in one strip and have an amazing quality adhesive for just £4.99.

- When using glitter all over your face, bum & boobies. Make sure it is biodegradable glitter. That way you can shower it off, with no environmental impact. All of the Jolie Beauty biodegradable glitters are made from pressed plant cellulose. 

- Use a specifically made glitter gel for the most comfortable wear. Our Glitter Fix Gel has been made so that it secures your glitter on all night, but also washes off easily, with no sticky feeling on the skin!

- If you need to re-secure your jewels at any point, make sure you have a lash adhesive handy. You can simply pop a little lash glue (such as the  Lash Lock Glue) onto the jewels and stick them back down.

We hope you enjoyed the look! If you have any other top festival tips (makeup related, or otherwise) then make sure to comment them below! 



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