How to Make a Statement Yet Not Outshine the Bride: Top Tips For Bridesmaids and Wedding Guests

July 14, 2016 2 min read

When you’ve been invited to a wedding or are set to play a pivotal role as a bridesmaid, there’s a very fine balancing act to be struck when it comes to makeup. With professional photographers around and other guests snapping away throughout the day, you want to look the very best you can without running the risk of outshining the bride. So how do you make a statement and turn up feeling beautiful and confident without putting your foot in it?

It’s often easier for bridesmaids, who will probably have had lengthy discussions beforehand amongst themselves and with the bride, ensuring their makeup complements the overall colour scheme, wedding theme and bride’s own style. Some have a very fixed idea about what they want and get professional help to achieve their desired look, others prefer to keep it casual and do DIY makeup on the day.

For bridesmaids, it’s easiest to think of your own makeup as the supporting act to the bride’s. If she has opted for the vintage glamour of matte red lips, try to choose a couple of shades lower down in tone for your own lipstick, perhaps plumping for something closer to peaches or pinky pastels. Similarly, if the bride asks for clearly defined eyes with darker eyeliner and exaggerated lashes, take one step back with your own eye makeup, perhaps choosing a softer brown eyeliner and a mascara which adds just enough volume without competing with the bride.

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For guests it’s a little trickier, as you’re rarely privy to the wedding party’s plans before the big day. Keeping up to date with some of the latest trends is always a good idea, and particularly if it’s a summer wedding, borrowing some of those more laid-back festival styles can work well. Loose braids for your hair look good with some of the softer, more bohemian pastel palettes, showing you’ve made every effort without going over the top.

You probably won’t have the professional help the bride and bridesmaids are getting either, but by picking the right tools you can still achieve that gorgeous, understated look which is fitting for those outside the bridal party. With a wide selection of oval brushes UK based Jolie Beauty provide some of the most professional makeup brushes on the market, with their specially designed, super soft bristles making them the ideal way to achieve that soft, natural look.

When applying powder and blusher or when contouring, make sure you’re sparing with your products. With an oval makeup brush UK bridesmaids and wedding guests can achieve the minimalist looks currently making waves at the Paris shows, as the shape and texture of the brushes allows you to seamlessly blend powders and colours, ensuring they’re applied evenly to give you a smooth, natural complexion.

Keeping things straightforward and simple is always the wisest move for wedding-goers. Choose colours which complement your outfit and never go for something too loud, because you can look and feel your best and make a makeup statement without stealing the show.

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