Some Simple Steps to Achieve that Perfect Summer Glow

July 12, 2016 3 min read

We all know that the harsh weather of winter can take its toll on your complexion, but summer also brings its dangers.  While we all love sitting out in the sunshine and we all benefit from the Vitamin D boost exposure to the light brings, prolonged spells in the sun can lead to your skin drying out or the dreaded peeling for those not fortunate enough to have that glorious natural tan.  If you want to achieve the radiant summer skin which graces the catwalks all year round, a little TLC and some clever oval brushes work are all it takes to achieve a healthy glow.


Even during the glorious summer months, you should make sure you keep up a good skincare regime.  There may not be the same risk of chapped lips and dry, flaky patches as there is over the winter, but your skin can still suffer.  Get into good habits by removing all your makeup before bed every night, using products which are gentle on your skin and won’t irritate the most sensitive, delicate areas around your eyes.  Gently massaging in oil-free moisturisers such as the Nars Skin Aqua Gel Luminous Moisturiser, and using specially formulated eye creams are the best place to start if you want clear, healthy looking skin.

When it comes to applying makeup, it’s best to start with a quick top-up of the moisturiser and a high-quality primer, which will create a base for what follows and help your makeup last longer whatever the weather.  Starting from the middle of your face and working outwards, use your fingertips to massage the product into your skin to get a smooth tone – it’s all too easy to go overboard here, but with primer less is more if you want that flawless finish.  Once that’s done, apply your standard concealer to mask any blemishes, marks or darker patches of skin, ensuring you blend them as evenly as you can.


When it comes to applying powders, bronzers and blushers, it’s essential that you have the right tools to do the job.  Professional brushes are a must, and oval makeup brushes such as those available from Jolie Beauty can make all the difference when it comes to getting that healthy summer glow.  The soft bristles are ideal for getting an even coating of fine powder, giving that smooth and even finish which looks so natural. 

It’s best to go gently to start with - remember that it’s far easier to add more than it is to remove it and start again if you go a little over the top.  You should think about using a loose powder and ‘buffing’ it gently into your skin with the brush rather than layering it on.  Compact powders are great if you need a top-up during the day, but they don’t have the same soft, natural effect.


Once you’ve applied your blusher or bronzer – again being subtle and blending rather than layering – you could apply setting pigments to tone down the brightness and leave your skin looking more natural.  To get rid of that excess powdery appearance and achieve the gentle, dewy glow you’re after, a little spritz with a hydrating mist will give it that natural finish.


There’s no guaranteeing the sunshine, but with a little know-how and some professional makeup brushes, radiant summer skin can be yours whatever the weather.

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