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Summer is well and truly on its way, but with all of the fun and sunshine comes a risk. Sunburn can not only be painful, but it could also mean that you are at risk of skin cancer – which means that you need to make sure that you protect yourself against sun damage. Simply using oval brushes and your silly sponge to cover your skin with makeup isn’t enough – but the good news is that this blog will give you some great tips.

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Get into a good skincare routine

If your skin is already in top condition, then it has a much better chance of being able to stay safe in the summer, as it will be able to fight against any kind of damage that might appear. You should try working with a three step plan, and do this twice a day. First you should wash your skin, then use a toner, and then moisturise. If you do this then it should stay supple and soft, and this can help to keep it safe in general.

Use suncream or an SPF makeup product

Ideally, you should use sunblock on your face, however if you don’t want to do this then you could make the most of the SPF makeup products that are on the market. You can choose between moisturisers, BB/CC creams or foundations – but no matter which of these you pick you should make sure that you apply it every day and don’t forget. This is a good mid-ground when trying to protect your skin, as you can simply build it into a part of your skincare regime without it having to be an entire extra step.

Drink plenty of water

If you are dehydrated, then your skin might dry out and this can make it much more susceptible to sun damage than it may otherwise have been. Therefore, you should ensure that you are drinking plenty of water throughout the whole of the day. Keep a bottle with you and try to take a sip every ten minutes – set an alarm on your phone at first if you need help getting into the habit.

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Stay out of the sun in the middle of the day

Although you might enjoy sunbathing, this can be more dangerous at certain times of day than others, and this means that you should try and stay indoors or in the shade between the hours of 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its strongest. Although you can’t always help being outside, of course, you should seek cover if you are able to at these times.

Even if you don’t think that your skin is being damaged by the sun, you would probably be surprised if you were able to see yourself under a light that can show sun damage. For this reason, you should definitely think about taking the tips above, as it means that you can keep your skin safe, and this will help you look and feel much healthier in the future.

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