April 21, 2017 2 min read

If you dream of landing a new job, then you might feel as though you are never going to be able to get to where you want to be. However, there are many ways in which you can help to give yourself the edge, and using oval brushes or your silly sponge could be a great starting point. This blog will tell you exactly why having flawless makeup could help you get your dream job, and this could change your future dramatically for the better.

silly sponge

First impressions count for everything

You will probably have heard before that the first three seconds when you meet someone are the most important – as this is when we form the impressions that we carry round about that person for a long time to come. For this reason, you should always work on making the best positive first impression that you can, as you only get one chance to do this when you are at a job interview. If the interviewer has a good first impression, and you come across as likable, then you are much more likely to do well later on in the interview, too.

It shows that you care

If somebody walks into an interview with no makeup at all, or with messy hair, then it might look as though they don’t care about the interview, and that they don’t really want the job at all. Instead, if you walk in there showing that you have really made an effort with your appearance, the interviewer is likely to appreciate the fact that you have done so, and they are going to think that you will put lots of effort into the job role that you have applied for, too, which makes it much more likely that you are going to be successful overall in the process.

It can give you confidence

If you look good, you are much more likely to feel good, and this is never more important than when you are at an interview. If you have more confidence, you will be able to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability, and conduct yourself in a manner that will convince the people on the panel that you are the perfect person for the job. A lack of confidence is one of the top reasons that people don’t get chosen for the job, so if there is any way to make sure you’re not one of those people, then you should certainly do it. Makeup can sometimes be used almost like a mask that you can hide behind. If you can cover up your nerves, it gives you the chance to allow other things to shine through.

interview makeup

Generally, an interview could make or break your career, so it is important that you always give it your best shot if you can. So, make a plan for the makeup that you’re going to wear, and walk into the room with pride in the fact that you know you’re perfect for the job that is available.

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