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We all know that eating more healthily can make us look and feel better, however what many of us don’t know is just how much of an impact our diets can have on our skin. You may not have noticed the extent to which your skin starts to glow when you have spent a few weeks eating well – but it is certainly the case. There’s only so much that your unicorn makeup brushes and silly sponge can do – if you want to look good all of the time, you need to adjust your diet to improve it, and this means that you are sure to look and feel great.

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Drinking water can clear your skin

Most of us don’t drink very much water, and this is largely to do with the fact that we are all so busy on any given day. With this being true, taking a drink can often take a backseat, meaning that we are actually dehydrated by the time we think to drink some water. However, if you drink water regularly, your skin is supported much more effectively, and this means that any imperfections that you have can be fought, and your skin will start to look much brighter and clearer than it ever has before. Keeping a water bottle with you during the day helps, as it reminds you that you need to drink.

Cut down on fatty foods

There is some argument as to whether eating fatty foods can cause breakouts or not, but if you are particularly sensitive to eating this type of fat, then it will show on your skin. That’s not to say that you can’t treat yourself occasionally, but you should always try your best to keep fat consumption down to a minimum if you can – as this means that your body will be healthier in general, and it is less likely to clog up your arteries.

Eat more fruit and vegetables

There are lots of reasons that we should be trying to eat more fruit and vegetables, and one of these reasons is that the vitamins they contain can help to support the body’s overall functioning, and this includes the skin. Not only this, but fruit particularly has a high water content, which means that it could really work towards keeping you hydrated, too, which is definitely something that you should be trying to do. If you don’t like eating vegetables on their own, then trying making a soup out of them, as this has just as many health benefits. If you would like to eat more fruit, then buying a smoothie machine is a great idea.

Eat Well for good Makeup

There are many ways in which you can make your diet healthier, and all of these will help the overall health of your skin. This means that you can look forward to it being clear and smooth, and this will help you to look better both with and without makeup. Aiming for clear skin is without a doubt something that we should all be trying to do.

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