Paris Flash: The Latest Makeup Trends to Look Out for this Autumn/Winter

October 27, 2016 2 min read

Couture Week in Paris has been rounded off with Emanuelle Alt, editor of French Vogue, hosting a lavish black-tie dinner for the brand executives, models and designers whose work has been gracing the catwalks for a week of back-to-back shows and events.  It goes without saying that the clothes were exquisite and certainly turned heads, but so too were the makeup trends seen on the hundreds of stunning models.  Setting the tone for the Autumn and Winter season, there were some truly inspirational looks everyone will want to try and recreate in the coming months.


Eye makeup was a particular focal point for many makeup artists, with the Armani team creating striking smoky eyes by blending white and grey eyeshadows over dark, heavily outlined eyelashes.  Starting with a thick, dark grey band just above the eyelashes, the colours were gently blended outwards and made heavier at the tails of the eyes to create a stunning, almost feline appearance.  Heavily defined eyebrows finished off the look, which set against very minimalist, matte skin was extremely striking and very easy to achieve.


Chanel also made a big show of eye makeup this week, again using white eyeshadow to achieve a wide-eyed look for their models.  Leading artist Tom Pecheux used false lashes and heavily smudged under-eye eyeliner to give their leading ladies a china doll-like appearance, again complemented by soft peach lipsticks and very pale, understated pink blusher.


The eye makeup from Dior was more Cleopatra-like, with shimmering gold eyeshadow teamed with thick black eyeliner heavily emphasised at the tail of the eye.  All round, though, ‘natural’ looking skin was the order of the day, with most artists stepping back from the heavy contouring and bolder blushes we’ve seen recently and opting instead for more neutral tones, pastel lips and light glosses to create that soft and ‘dewy’ radiant look.


Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or simple recreating these looks at home, there’s a simplicity to the style which is easy to achieve with the right tools.  Brushes with softer bristles are great for applying and blending both eyeshadows and powder, and with one of the greatest selections of oval brushes UK based Jolie Beauty has some of the best professional makeup products available.  The specially designed oval shape and extra soft bristles lend themselves well to blending colours around delicate skin, so if you’re trying to recreate those smoky grey and white eyes they’re the perfect choice.


With an oval makeup brush UK makeup artists can recreate the Paris looks with ease.  Achieving the understated, matte skin tones with a blend of powder and very low key pastel blusher is simple, using the soft head of your brush to gently dust the cheeks in concentric circles, working outwards without being too heavy handed beyond the cheekbones or around the jawline.


Less may be more this autumn and winter, but there’s a definite art to it which calls for a creative eye and the best possible tools of the trade.

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