Staying Cool: Top Tips for Summer Brides to Keep Your Makeup Fresh

October 27, 2016 2 min read

Blue skies, flowers in full bloom, outdoor marquees and chilled champagne – summer is a perfect time of year to get married, but if the weather is warm and the day is long, your makeup might not stand up to the test.  With the professional photographer capturing those beautiful moments on camera, you want to make sure your makeup does you proud on your big day, so here are some tips for keeping it looking fresh even as the night draws in and the reception gets well and truly under way.


In warm weather your foundation, concealer and powder can take on that terrible waxy, ‘melted’ look, which leaves your skin looking greasy and shiny in photos.  Whether you’re applying your own makeup or getting some professional help, less really can be more in hot summer weather.  Before you start applying your makeup you should treat your skin with an anti-shine product, paying particular attention to the T-zone across the bridge and corners of your nose, across your cheekbones and your chin.  Even out your complexion with a little dab of concealer beneath the eyes or anywhere else you think needs it, then gently work in a small amount of oil-free foundation. 


To start the day, loose powders are a great way of achieving glowing skin if applied with the right tools.  Using a high-quality, soft-bristled brush allows you to work the powder gently into your skin for a more ‘natural’ look, and an oval makeup brush such as those available from market-leading Jolie Beauty make an ideal choice.  The shape of these brushes and their super-soft heads make them perfect for gently blending your powder with your blusher, creating a smoother, more even complexion.  Throughout the day you should keep an eye on ‘topping up’, and pressed powders are great when you’re on the go and have limited time.  They can be kept handy in a clutch bag and applied with either a brush or powder puff, but use them sparingly to avoid the dry, powdery look, adding just enough to keep the shine at bay.


Eye makeup can also suffer in hot weather.  If you’re in danger of your eyeshadow fading as your skin becomes oily in the heat, one top tip is to apply a thin coating of concealer to the lid before you apply your colour.  The best way to apply eyeshadow for longer-lasting cover is again to use an oval makeup brush to gently build up layers.  With an oval brush UK brides can achieve the same seductive, smoky eyes which have recently been gracing Paris Couture week, or the simpler peaches and pastel shades which are a timeless classic of the summer wedding palette.


By selecting the right range of products and choosing professional brushes such as those from Jolie Beauty, summer brides everywhere will still be looking as fresh come the first dance as they did walking down the aisle.  Feeling free from worries about your makeup leaves you better able to enjoy the rest of your special day, so make the most of the glorious weather while still looking and feeling radiant.

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