Reasons You Need To Switch To Oval Makeup Brushes

August 19, 2016 2 min read


They may look a bit like a Victorian hair brush, but Oval Makeup Brushes are the hot new makeup trend taking the cosmetics world by storm.


Makeup accessory fads come and go, but there’s a reason style icons such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are opting for this unusually-shaped brush in their makeup application routine.


Makeup artists and non-professionals alike have been raving about the advantages of these new brushes in comparison to conventional makeup brushes, and we’ve compiled the top reasons you need to make the switch today!


Get Perfect Coverage


Tightly packed and uniquely shaped, these synthetic brushes have three to 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional makeup bushes. This creates a smooth, airbrushed effects when applying powders, minerals, liquids or creams.


The flat shape stops products from settling at the bottom of the brush and the large amount of fibers makes foundation application almost magnetic, given you perfect coverage without the patches!


Have More Control Over Contouring


The art of contouring can be difficult to master as it is, but using oval brushes gives you heaps more control over defining your features.

They are packed full of ultra soft bristles that glide effortlessly and evenly over your skin, which means you get flawless precision with each brush. The slightly curved handles are also flexible, giving you even more control over contours.

This curved shape is perfect for non-professionals as it is tailored to self-application, whereas conventional brushes are actually designed for makeup artists.

Cut Down Application Time

Increased surface area means reduced makeup application time! This is great for those on the go or women who want a flawless finish fast.

The dense bristles are like several conventional brushes in one, smoothing over your skin in almost half the time...our makeup prayers have finally been answered.

Better Brush Hygiene And Cruelty Free

Oval brushes not only give you a high quality makeup finish, they are super easy to clean and come with their own cleaning system, so you can use different shades in succession.

Since they are synthetic and not made of animal hair that holds on to a lot of bacteria, they are much more sanitary. Even better, this makes them cruelty free!

Make Your Eyeshadow Stand Out

While larger oval brush sizes can be used to apply foundation, moisturiser, bronzer or highlighter, smaller sizes are ideal for bold, dark eyeshadow looks.

Brushing in small, circular motions, the dense bristles lay down color effortlessly with almost zero fallout. Time to get creative with those Fall shades!

They Are Super Soft

Did we mention how beautifully soft oval brushes are? They are like a gentle face treatment every time you put your makeup on! Giving you skin some much needed TLC with the softness of tightly packed, fine hairs, makeup application has never been more enjoyable.

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