August 04, 2016 2 min read

One of the hottest trends we’ve seen over the course of the Spring and Summer season has been for ‘dewy’ skin’, that fresh-from-the-shower, scrubbed and glowing look. The days of heavy contouring, exaggerated bronzing and big splashes of bold blusher appear to have ended, and the radiant, natural look is definitely in.

Coupled with striking smoky or brightly coloured eye makeup, this minimalist look can be head-turning. Many of the models we’ve seen on the catwalks of the fashion capitals look as though they have just woken up, deep-cleansed with something apricot-scented and smoothed out their complexions with just the smallest amount of makeup.

This really is a case of quality over quantity, ensuring you use top of the range products and applying them with the right tools. Looking natural does not necessarily mean leaving things to nature. It’s a sad fact but few of us would say we’re confident enough or can boast the sort of flawless, smooth complexions which would let us leave the house completely ‘nude’.

To start, get your skincare regime right. Exfoliate the night before, make sure you remove all trace of the day’s makeup and introduce a high quality, oil-free moisturiser if you don’t use one already. Massaging a nutrient- and moisture-rich cream into your skin will leave it looking healthier and more supple, the ideal blank canvas for your makeup.

Start the day by moisturising again, then make sure you get the base of your makeup right. Use a lightweight, moisturising primer then sparingly apply a tinted moisturiser or foundation to even out your skin tone. Similarly, use concealer with caution, just to iron out any unevenness beneath the eyes or around your nose.

Next apply your loose powder, but remember that less is more. Using soft-bristled oval makeup brushes such as those found at Jolie Beauty are the ideal tool for this stage. The softer heads allow you to apply just the lightest dusting and buff it gently into your skin, concentrating on the oiler areas around the T-zone.

Next you should add some highlighter, but only to the parts of the face which would naturally end up ‘sun-kissed’ on glorious summer days. Again, use your oval brushes to apply highlighter to cheekbones, brow and bridge of the nose. Using a circular motion and working outwards, buff your highlighter in so it is evenly blended with your powder and has that natural, smooth finish.

Oval Makeup Brush

With subtle makeup on your complexion, you’re free to be more experimental with your eyes and bolder with your lips, as dewy skin will really offset your other features. With a professional artist brush UK women can capture something of the exotic, natural beauty of the models at Paris and Milan. However disappointing the British summer might prove to be, having glowing, radiant skin can make you feel like a summer goddess, come rain or shine.

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