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At the time of year, everything should be fresh and new, and your makeup is no different to this. With this being true, spring is the perfect time to have a clear out of your makeup bag, to ensure that your unicorn Makeup brushes and oval brushes are as fresh as they can be. With this being the case, this blog will give you some tips about how you can make sure that everything is ready for the new season, and will remain in the best condition possible.

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Know when everything was opened

All makeup has an expiration date, and this will usually be displayed somewhere on the packaging. It will say “6M” or “12M” or sometimes longer, and this shows you the number of months that you should keep a product before getting rid of it. However, thanks to the fact that time can often run away with us, we might have no idea about exactly when a product was opened. To help with this, it is good practice to stick a label on it, with the date that the product was started, and the date that it should be thrown out. This means that there is no way that you can miss it – and your skin will thank you for it.

Get rid of old sponges and brushes

You will find lots of things lurking in your bag that you have no idea when you last used, or when they were last washed. Sometimes, washing Makeup brushes thoroughly can be enough to bring them back to life, but sometimes it is a better idea to just throw them away and buy something new and fresh instead. Washing is always a good idea, but you can never tell how many germs are still on the items that you have washed, and if you have owned them for a long time then washing might not be enough to clean them completely.

Think about your storage system

Do you ever start looking in your bag for makeup, only to realise that you don’t actually have a clue where anything is at all? If this sounds familiar to you, then you might benefit from getting a new system – and try to organise everything into sections. Buying a new beauty bag is a good start, as it can help if there are different compartments to hold each type of makeup or application tool. That way, as long as you always put things back in the right place, you should find that you can put your hand to whatever you need, which will save you lots of time.

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Spring is the time when a lot of people think about getting things clean and sorted, and with this in mind it is the perfect time to sort through your makeup collection and make sure that you are only keeping things that you need. By doing this annually, you can ensure that your collection stays fresh, that no old makeup is lingering, and that your skin only has clean brushes and sponges used on it.

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