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Lots of us don’t like having our photos taken for the simple reason that, although we fully believe that we look good in real life, the second someone takes a snap of us we just know that it isn’t going to be flattering. No matter how much you prepare your look with your silly sponge and unicorn makeup, it just isn’t enough if you’re not photogenic. Therefore, this blog will take you through some great ways to make yourself more photogenic, and this should mean that you are able to get some snaps that you are really happy with.

Don’t take just one photo

Whenever you’re trying to get a shot of yourself, you should always take more than one, as this gives you the chance to discard some that you don’t like. Even the most photogenic person in the world can pose for a bad shot, and if there is no backup then you may be disappointed that you don’t have a nice photo to remember the situation that you were taking photos of.

Silly Sponge

Practice your smile

When you’re asked to smile for a photo, you may find that you always smile in a false way, because you’re not entirely comfortable with having your photo taken at all. If your smile doesn’t look natural, then this isn’t going to help you look photogenic, so you should practice your smile in the mirror. Look at how your face changes when you smile, and try to remember the muscles that you use to get the perfect smile. This means that when you are asked to smile for a photo, it will be like second nature to you.

Keep your skin in good condition

Our face is what we focus on when we take a photo, so if your skin isn’t great then you aren’t going to be happy with the results of the photos that you take. This means that it is always important to keep your skin in the best condition possible, and to do this you should have a regular cleansing routine, and be sure to drink plenty of water. This will really help, and you should see the difference in the photos that you take.

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Think about your assets

We all have bits of our body that we don’t like – so it makes no sense at all to angle those parts towards the camera when we’re posing for pictures. Doing this will put emphasis on the wrong parts entirely, and you will be disappointed when you see the results. In order to pose better, you should flaunt the bits of your body that you’re really happy with, and angle the other parts away.

Taking a great photo can take a little practice, but over time you will get better at posing, and it will become something that you just naturally do. This means that you will be able to smile when you look at photos rather than wish they had never been taken – and therefore you can keep them to remember special moments forever. Here are some more tips on being photogenic.

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