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If you enjoy wearing makeup, then you will almost certainly have quite a lot of make up brushes in your collection, which you may have been building for a number of years. With this being the case, you will want to know how to take care of an oval makeup brush throughout the course of its life, as doing so means that your brushes will stay as good as new for as long as they possibly can. For tips on all kinds of brushes including toothbrush makeup brushes this blog is the perfect place to start doing your research.

oval makeup brush


Natural bristle brushes

If you use these types of brushes for dry products, then you will be able to get away with washing these just once a week, with a normal white bar of soap. If you simply take care of them in this way, then this type of brush can last for a number of years, and be a key part of your everyday make up bag. You can also wash these brushes with a gentle shampoo if you would prefer to do this. It can be good to try to replicate the action that you would use if you were washing your hair in the shower, as this is the best way to get the dirt off the brushes.

Synthetic bristle brushes

Thanks to the fact that these brushes are used for wet products, they should be cleaned every day, as you can find that these types of products are a perfect breeding ground for germs of many different kinds. You should try to find a special brush cleaner for these, preferably one that is alcohol based, as this means that you have the best possible chance of keeping it as clean as possible. These brushes should be replaced about twice every year.

How to dry your brushes

Once you have washed your brushes, you will need to make sure that you dry them properly, as this means that you are then able to restore them to the high quality items that they were before. To do this, use a dry towel to wrap around the brush, and then squeeze it gently until the bristles are no longer soaking wet. Then, lay the brush on a table on top of a towel, and place it so that the bristles are just off the edge of the table. It can also help if you place them near a window, as the natural sunlight is a great thing to use when it comes to being able to dry your brushes effectively. Generally, the more effort you put into making sure that your brushes are clean at all times, the more likely it is that you are going to be able to keep them looking great and working well in the long term. Therefore, you will really be able to maximise their lifespan, meaning that you will be able to enjoy using them to apply your make up for as long as possible.

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