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A pair of false lashes can make the world of difference to the way you look. No matter the occasion, there will always be a set of lashes out there to complete your style. Some people don’t realize that matching false lashes to the shape of their eye is critical. One set that may look good on you can look completely different on another person. It’s just simply down to the shape of the eye.

Fellow false lash lovers will certainly relate to the excessive time that’s spent searching for the best set of false eyelashes. But how do you know which pair will suit your eye shape? Well now you won’t have to waste your money testing the right design.

All you need to do is find the Celebrity eye shape that best describes you in our special lash guide below. Have a glance through and see which of our vegan lash sets will bring the wow factor to you!


The Best False Eyelashes for Almond Shaped Eyes

Celebrities with Almond Eyes - YouBeauty

What is an almond shaped eye? 

Almond-shaped eyes have a smaller eyelid and are longer in width than they are round — just like an almond! This eye shape tapers to a point by the tear duct and the outer eye.

Celebrities with Almond Shaped Eyes - Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie.

Those lucky to be blessed with Almond shaped eyes will suit a variety of different lash styles. Due to the symmetrical structure of the eye, both natural and extravagant looks will complement the face.

The lashes we recommend for almond shaped eyes are the style Adrianna. The style of the lashes are tapered, so these will definitely enhance those feline peepers even more! 


The Best False Eyelashes for Wide Eyes

Australian Blonde Blue Eyes Face Gemma Ward Model Wallpaper -  Resolution:1920x1080 - ID:871789 -

What are wide set eyes?

If the bridge of your nose is wider than the width of one of your eyes. You have wide-set eyes.

Celebrities with Wide Set Eyes - Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Kate Moss.

Enhance the shape of your wide eyes with some volume to your lash extensions. Ideally a false eyelash design that crosses over one another, creating a more natural look. These types of styles are better suited to wide eyes.

Vivienne from the Jolie Beauty lash range use small and long lashes to create a difference in volume. Ella is another set we recommend for a fuller look. Both of these vegan lash sets give off a seductive and flirtatious style that’s just irresistible!


The Best False Eyelashes for Round Shaped Eyes

Katy Perry Wallpaper: Katy | Katy perry hair, Katy perry makeup, Katy perry  pictures

 What are Round Shaped Eyes?

Round shaped eyes are usually large, prominent and look more circular. You can see the eye whites all the way around the iris. The inner and outer corners of round eyes are rounded and not pulled inward or outward. They are more of a rounded shaped.


Celebrities with round eyes include Ashley Olsen, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel.


Round eye shapes are lucky as they can pull nearly any eyelash style off. However, bigger, thicker lashes don’t necessarily mean better. Play with tapered styles to create a more cat eye shape. Even though most false eyelashes are suitable to round eyes, to create the perfect look we recommend Skye, April and Evelyn from our collection.

Each are in order of denseness. So, if you want a gentle look then test out Skye. April and Evelyn create a more striking and dramatice style.


The Best False Eyelashes for Monolid Eyes

Lucy Lui, pictured at the Tory Burch Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show in February, has monolid eyes

What are Monolid Eyes?

Monolid eyes don’t feature a defined crease whereas other eye shapes produce a ‘double eyelid’ effect. These beautiful eyes need a light pair of lashes with a curl that will open up them up. The style can be slightly longer than other eye shapes, due to monolid eyes having an enviable amount of lid space to play with!

At Jolie Beauty the most suitable styles for Monolid eyes would be Sofia and Skye. Apply a sultry look to your everyday features with these perfect pair of lashes. Sofia is wispier, yet light at the same time.

Skye is denser on the lash line, but thinner as it fans out. They portray a stylish yet elegant look, that’s perfect for a night out! 


The Best False Eyelashes for Deep Set Eyes

4 Essential Makeup Tricks for Deep-Set Eyes ? PureWow

What are Deep Set eyes?

Eyes of this shape are located deeper within the eye socket. Due to this, a lash set with extra length will be needed. A simplistic curl in the lashes will create the desirable finish to the flawless look you fancy. False lash sets shouldn’t be too curly as this could touch the bone beneath the brow.

For deep set eyes we recommend Vivienne or Ella. Improve your overall facial features by adding the perfect amount of volume and length to your lashes. Best of all these sets won’t appear to make your eyes seem smaller!

Both of these stylish designs give off a seductive vibe that will captivate those around you. Draw attention wherever you go with a set of vegan lashes that scream elegance!


The Best False Eyelashes for Downturned Eyes

The Most Gorgeous Women with Doe Eyes | Anne hathaway, Beauty, Actresses

What are downturned eyes?

Downturned eyes slightly tilt in the outer corners. A heavy false lash style will only make the tilt more noticeable. Natural, fluffier styles are more fitting to this eye shape. Out of the Jolie Beauty range we recommend Sofia- from the Wispy Collection.

The lightweight design will lift your lash line creating a look that’s flattering to the face. Add this sophisticated feature for an attractive creation that will simply blow your crush away!


The Best False Eyelashes for Upturned Eyes

BEST Facts About Rihanna: Most Googled Eyes In Music

What are upturned eyes?

Upturned eyes closely resemble the Almond shape except the outer corner of the eye is higher. Makeup for this eye shape is commonly seen paraded on the catwalk as it looks quite "fierce." Enhance those charming cat eyes with a winged style, producing the perfect flick. The best set of false eyelashes will be those that fan out towards the end.

Lillie, Jasmine and Vivienne are sets we recommend for class and beauty! Each of these designs are handcrafted for an ultimate lightweight feel. Best of all they still offer that same flawless look you would expect from real mink lashes!

Out of the three recommended sets, Lillie works well for an everyday look. April and Vivienne are better used when going out. Although slightly similar, the April set provides straighter lashes. Vivienne criss cross over one another, letting off a more natural look. No matter which you choose, all of these lash sets will make you the center of attention!

Want more than just one set? Have a scroll through our bundle package, The Lash Lover III. Choose from four styles all uniquely different from one another. Want a set for any occasion? Then check out the Deluxe Collection of a dozen Wispy lash sets.


The Best False Eyelashes for Close Set Eyes

Pictures : 10 Makeup Tricks for Close Set Eyes - Miley Cyrus Close ... |  Makeup tips, Stage makeup, Celebrities

Eyes described as Close Set are situated closer together, hence the name. Those with eyes of this shape should focus on length and density in the outer corner of the eyes. The inner corners should be lighter in volume, with the lash thickening as it comes to an end.

Try our lash set Lillie for a natural feel or Vivienne for a glamourous style. Both sets are completely unique, yet ideal for creating two different looks for whatever the occasion!


The Best False Eyelashes for Small Eyes

Renee Zellweger says criticism of her can be 'pretty painful'


It’s easy to overwhelm small eyes with heavy eyelashes that just won’t compliment your face. Those with small eyes should opt for a lighter set of fake eyelashes. 

Other lighter sets that are ideal for small eyes include Lillie and Sofia. Again, due to their lack of density, they won’t appear heavy on your lash line. Opening up the eye area perfectly!


Hope you enjoyed our article and now know what false eyelashes will suit your eye shade!

If you haven't found your perfect set of lashes, why not check out the full Jolie Beauty Wispy Collection. What’s more important is our lashes provide a mink look that’s cruelty free! No animal testing, just simple vegan lashes. Each are handcrafted, producing a lightweight and natural feel. All of our sets can be used up to 30 times giving you lots if value for your money.

Still stuck for choice? Unable to find an eye shape that truly fits your you? Then take a look at our lash bundles offers. The Lash Lover, III and IV come in a set of 4, all completely unique to one another. This way you can truly test different styles with less commitment.

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